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Window Tints, Films or Coatings: Which Is Right For Your Home?

White house Porsche with windows all around.

Most homeowners love their windows because of all of the natural light they bring into the house. Sometimes that light can be too much, and curtains or other window coverings aren't a good option for the space for one reason or another. When that's the case, you may think you're out of luck and will just have to deal with the extra bight light. But that's just not true; there are plenty of other options available! Window treatments like window tints, films or coatings can be installed to filter out the light and help protect your home from too much sunlight. All of these options seem pretty similar but have a variety of benefits; read on to get the full description of each to help you decide which will work best for your home!

Window Films Window films are generally the preferred choice by experts for residential light filtering systems because of their transparent quality. Most homeowners don't want their window treatment to be obvious or the view to be obstructed in any way, so this is the perfect option. Films can offer some filtering and UV protection, but they will lack the privacy options that other window treatments with darker finishes offer. These are best used in areas of the home where security isn't an issue, but energy efficiency is more of a priority. Window Coatings Some homeowners choose to go a completely different route and have this window service taken care of before installation or purchase even happens. This means that they are choosing to purchase windows that have a coating on them that was placed during manufacturing. This will have all of the same goals of filtering UV rays to minimize sun damage and improve energy efficiency; likely they will also be transparent as well. Window Tints Those homeowners who choose to tackle this project on their own, they'll likely choose to go with a window tint option. These sheets can be installed quite easily with just a little bit of skill and finesse. The window tints also come in a variety of shades, so you can completely customize the final result and match the design of your home. You can also add in more privacy for areas of your home where you'd like people not to be able to see in from the outside, which is a huge added bonus as well! Different Types of Window Treatments Windows allow you to fill the spaces in your home with sunshine and all the benefits that come with natural light, all while enjoying the comfort of staying indoors. But that same sunlight can also damage your spaces or your loved ones if you're not careful. That's why adding some kind of window tint can be so important to add in that protective layer just to be safe. You'll get the best of both worlds with just that little bit of filtration! This is best done when you're adding new windows so you can enjoy them right from their installation. If you're in need of any windows for your residential or commercial spaces, contact us today!







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