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Definitely Exceeded Expectations


“I just wanted to thank you again for these awesome doors the guys installed! It's amazing they were able to make it look like those doors were always there. Definitely exceeded expectations. On behalf of the Friends of Medalta Society, I can't thank you guys enough. This would not have happened without the donation portion. I will personally make sure your South Country Glass is represented on next year’s donation wall. Thank you.”


- Cody W., Medalta in the Historic Clay District

Add a Safe Exit With Hopper Basement Window in Medicine Hat

Our hopper windows are built in accordance with the provincial fire code standards. They are high-quality egress basement windows and provide a safe exit in case of emergency. Hopper windows are suitable for tight areas and basements. They provide additional air ventilation and easy exit in case of emergency.


Benefits of Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are ideal for your basement and offer many benefits:

Great for ventilation


Easy to maintain

Save space

Enhance security

Hopper Basement Windows Glazing Options

Hopper Basement Windows can either open to a 90° angle or a 45° angle. Hinges are present at the top of the window that opens at 90° for safety reasons. At South Country Glass Ltd., we have various glazing options for hopper windows. These are:

Energy-efficient glaze

The energy-efficient glaze for hopper basement windows offers optimized performance for your basement space. 

Obscured & tinted

If you prefer low light in your space and have privacy concerns, then our textured windows will work best for you. 

Grills & SDLs

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) and grills add a sense of style and character to your home. We have a variety of colour and design options. 

Interior options

We offer factory-installed jamb extensions to coordinate the new window with your home’s interior. These extensions will offer a beautiful appearance to your home.

Exterior options

The exterior brickmould offers a maintenance-free option to add a traditional look to your home. South Country Glass Ltd. offers various brickmould solutions with clean finishing. 

Energy-Efficient Windows Can:

Woman relaxing at home and having coffee

Increase Your Comfort

Reduce cold drafts and make the house feel warmer with energy-efficient windows.

Family entering in warm house

Control Condensation

As the interior surfaces of energy-efficient windows stay warmer, they allow you to maintain a higher level of relative humidity in the house without you worrying about condensation.

Save money for home

Help You Save Money

Energy-efficient windows help in reducing air leakage thereby increasing the energy efficiency by approximately 50%  and reducing your energy bills.

Buy Now Pay Later

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