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Definitely Exceeded Expectations


“I just wanted to thank you again for these awesome doors the guys installed! It's amazing they were able to make it look like those doors were always there. Definitely exceeded expectations. On behalf of the Friends of Medalta Society, I can't thank you guys enough. This would not have happened without the donation portion. I will personally make sure your South Country Glass is represented on next year’s donation wall. Thank you.”


- Cody W., Medalta in the Historic Clay District

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Residential Doors in Medicine Hat

South Country Glass Ltd. provides a range of custom doors in Medicine Hat to meet the needs of each customer. For more information about our services, contact us.

Decorative and commodity doorlites

Decorative and Commodity Doorlites

Enhance the appearance of your home while securing your property with our decorative and commodity doorlites. With commodity doorlites you can create your own designs with different in-glass grills and patterned glass. To add more functionality to your door, we provide a range of venting doorlites and in-glass mini blinds.

Woman standing in front of door

In-Glass Blinds

With in-glass blinds, dusting and hanging fixtures will no longer be an issue. You can control security and privacy with the touch of your fingers.

In-glass blinds

venting glass inserts

Venting glass inserts

Venting Glass Inserts

Venting glass inserts are the perfect add-on if you’d like to leave your door open for fresh air without having the need to install an extra storm door or insect screen in your doorway.

Entrance door

Entrance Doors

Whether you are looking for traditional or modern designs, we have an extensive line of entrance doors and sidelites for you to choose from.

We provide:

Right-hand in-swing

Left-hand in-swing

Right-hand out-swing

Left-hand out-swing

Entry and garden doors

Entry and Garden Doors

Need a durable, easy to maintain and peel-free door? Entry and garden doors are what you’re looking for. Replace your old, outdated wood or aluminum sliding patio door with our two-or three-wide garden doors. You can customize your door configuration to fit your needs. Each panel can be an opening door, a venting door or a fixed door in different widths.

Here are some choices:

Outswing – venting (venting screen)

Outswing – fixed (no screen)

In swing – fixed (sliding screen)

In swing – venting (venting screen)

Sidelites and transforms

Sidelites and Transoms

Sidelites and transoms can enhance your entrance doors. From single-box windows to decorative glass inserts, they can be designed in different ways.

Steel and fiberglass

Steel and Fiberglass Door Slabs

Add beauty and a touch of elegance with our steel and fibreglass door slabs. The composite door surface replicates an authentic mahogany or oak door appearance and features variable depth, and realistic, wood grain texture finishes.

We provide:

High-definition profile panels

Strength and security for door hardware

Excellent shadow lines and distinct panel design

Woman standing in front of door

Sliding Patio Doors

Opera patio doors

Imagine patio doors

Grandview patio doors

Element patio doors

Loft patio doors (lift and slide)

Why Invest in New Doors?

In a study carried out in the United States by NFO WorldGroup, 2,000 consumers were asked to estimate home prices based on the exterior appearance. The consumers were shown pictures of homes and asked to estimate how much the home was worth. One group of consumers was shown photos of homes with old-style doors, while the others were shown photos of the same homes following the installation of an upgraded front door system.

On average, the consumers estimated the value of the homes with the upgraded front door to be worth 5.3 percent more than the same home prior to the upgrade. Based on a home valued at $200,000, this adds in excess of $10,000 in market value.

Investing in door replacement can also improve a home’s energy efficiency by up to 20 percent and reduce energy bills.


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