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Definitely Exceeded Expectations


“I just wanted to thank you again for these awesome doors the guys installed! It's amazing they were able to make it look like those doors were always there. Definitely exceeded expectations. On behalf of the Friends of Medalta Society, I can't thank you guys enough. This would not have happened without the donation portion. I will personally make sure your South Country Glass is represented on next year’s donation wall. Thank you.”


- Cody W., Medalta in the Historic Clay District

Residential Windows in Medicine Hat

At South Country Glass Ltd, we understand that each homeowner has different needs and tastes. That’s why we offer a comprehensive lineup of residential windows in Medicine Hat and the surrounding area. For more information, contact us.

Half open vinyl windows

Vinyl Windows

Have a budget-conscious renovation project in hand? Vinyl windows provide high-end visual appeal, ease of operation and quality performance at an affordable rate. They are also versatile and maintenance-free.

Fixed windows

Picture and Fixed Windows

If you’re looking for energy-efficient windows at an affordable rate, picture windows are the perfect choice for you. We offer picture and fixed windows to enhance the beauty of your casement and awning windows.

Single hung windows

Slider and Single-Hung Windows

It provides durability and outstanding performance at an affordable price. Slider and single-hung windows are the ideal window systems for renovations and new construction projects. The snap-in track combined with dual-tandem rollers on the sash provides ease of operation. They are also energy-efficient and easy to maintain.

Casement windows

Casement Windows

Casement Windows provide maximum directional airflow control, smooth operation, maximum security and are energy-efficient.

Awning windows

Awning Windows

This window shields the opening from light and snow. The three-point weather stripping and double slash locks provide a firm seal against drafts and reduced heat loss.

Bay/Bow windows

Bay/Bow Windows

They are available in all sizes and can be manufactured to fit any opening. If you’re planning on increasing the living space in your living, dining or family rooms, a bay or bow window is the right choice for you. You can get as little or as much ventilation as you desire by combining windows with casements or awning openers.


The winter months cause a large temperature difference between the inside of the house and the outside. This causes the formation of moisture when the moist warm air touches cool surfaces. The first place where you will often notice condensation in your house is the insulating glass, as it has a lower temperature than any other surface in your house. This does not mean that there are any defects in the house. It simply points out the humidity in the house.

When humidity levels are high, condensation occurs more. It can also happen due to uneven heat distribution or poor air circulation near doors and windows. If you want to check the moisture levels in your home, you can buy a hygrometer from a hardware store and place it in your home for a few days. Record the readings to know the moisture levels. Here is a chart to help you.

Outside Air Temperature in Degree Celsius Recommended Relative Humidity Inside Temperature of 20 degree Celsius
-30° or below 15%
-30° to -24° 15% - 20%
-24° to -18° 20% - 25%
-18° to -12° 25% -30%
-12° to -6° 30% - 35%
-6° to 0 35% - 40%

Proper window weatherstripping is essential to reduce condensation. Ensuring that the locks pull the sash tightly can also help in reducing condensation. Keeping the drapes and blinds will also be helpful as it will help in promoting air circulation.

Helpful Glass Tips for New Windows

Sealed Units

If condensation has formed between the two panes of your sealed window, the panes can fog up and stain. Etching can even occur within the glass. This means that the seal within your window has failed.

Whether it is a broken pane or a failed seal, the efficiency of the glass has been compromised. In most cases, the window frame itself has not been damaged, in which case it is still sound and will continue to serve you well for many years. The sealed unit is the only thing that needs to be replaced, and it is unnecessary to do a full-frame replacement. We would like to see our customers consider restoring their windows rather than replacing them, whenever possible. An onsite inspection and review of the job will help us to find you the most cost-effective solution.


South Country Glass Ltd. offers the finest replacement windows on the market, and our qualified installers and service technicians get each job done right the first time around.

Why Renovate? Investing in New Windows

Replacing old windows in your home with new, attractive, energy-efficient varieties can pay immediate dividends through increased market value as well as reduced energy and maintenance costs. These findings resulted from two major surveys conducted in Canada and the United States and give added impetus to the trend among homeowners to upgrade their windows, whether they intend to sell their homes or not.

The Appraisal Institute of Canada – the organization representing many appraisers working for mortgage companies, real estate firms and similar organizations – recently conducted a survey in Canada to determine what home improvement projects provided the greatest return in increased market value to homeowners. Window replacement ranked in the top ten and was estimated to return, on average, 57 percent of the dollars spent.


In addition to increased market values, an investment in replacement windows can improve a home’s energy efficiency by up to 20 percent, resulting in a marked decrease in energy bills. On average, it costs $1,200 per year to heat a home, and of that, industry standards suggest that about 30 percent is due to window-related heat loss. Industry experts estimate that, over the past three years, Canadians have saved almost $2.5 million in energy costs just by installing energy-efficient windows.

Finally, homeowners who install new maintenance-free windows realize substantial savings as a result of reduced maintenance costs. In Calgary’s climate, most wood windows require painting every two to three years.

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Supreme Windows

Energy-Efficient Windows Can:

Woman relaxing at home and having coffee

Increase Your Comfort

Reduce cold drafts and make the house feel warmer with energy-efficient windows.

Family entering in warm house

Control Condensation

As the interior surfaces of energy-efficient windows stay warmer, they allow you to maintain a higher level of relative humidity in the house without you worrying about condensation.

Save money for home

Help You Save Money

Energy-efficient windows help in reducing air leakage thereby increasing the energy efficiency by approximately 50%  and reducing your energy bills.

Buy Now Pay Later

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