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Decorative and Commodity Doorlites in Medicine Hat

South Country Glass Ltd. white doors

Great Price, Fantastic Staff


“Best company i have dealt with. Really good service, great price, fantastic staff, very helpful! I highly recommend south country glass. I am very impressed with Marvin, great sales person. South country glass is right up there with Inland Concrete. Both are long term community orientated to Medicine Hat. To all the people i have met through 20 plus years in the construction business I recommend you use South Country Glass.”


- Cuz I Can

High-Performance Window Coatings in Medicine Hat

South Country Glass Ltd. brings you high-performance windows. These windows come in a variety of options such as triple pane, dual pane, low-E solutions like Sun Grain ER or Solar Black U with argon gas. These windows offer superior performance, energy savings and indoor comfort. Featuring warm-edge premium spacer bars, these windows are ideal for enhanced thermal efficiencies and reduced condensation. 

To meet today’s energy and structural requirements, we also offer Alpha and Omega windows which are tested to NAFS/CSA and Energy Rating standards. If you are looking for premium quality, high-performance window coatings for your house, get in touch with us!

Window Coatings Glazing Options

When it comes to choosing window coatings, it is important to consider various available options to maximize energy efficiency. The industry has been continuously evolving to introduce coatings and glazes as an efficient alternative to traditional glass windows. You can explore the following options of window coatings with us:

Energy-efficient coating

Energy-efficient or insulating films are extremely beneficial in warm climates. They reduce energy costs to a significant extent on heating and cooling.

Obscured & tinted

If you want to reduce the amount of light transmission into your home or maintain privacy, glare reduction or tinted coatings are the best option for you. Our textured glass comes in various colours, including bronze, grey or green-tinted glass.


These can create an illusion of decorative glass but are a cost-effective option. This is a great option to enhance the appearance as it provides the look of decorative glass such as stained, frosted, or etched glass.

Safety coatings

These are specially designed for protection as they protect from broken glass as they hold the glass in the frame when broken. In cases of accident, it makes glass much more difficult to break and is ideal for commercial buildings. 

Metal films

If you are looking for an option that can effectively block heat and light, metal films will work for you. These films are durable and can also absorb sunlight.

PPG residential glass products


High-performance glass is designed to offer structural stability with high thermal performance. To provide greater indoor comfort, it has multi-chamber frames and sealed air pockets to reduce heat and cold transfer. The fusion-welded frame and sash corners provide strength and durability. It also helps in reducing water and air leakage.

Some other features include:

Exclusive 3-point weatherstripping system

Dual-arm Truth hardware

Single or multi-point lock on casement and awning

Anti-lift clips and security latching system

Dual or triple glazed sealed units

Standard integral nailing flange

Interior jamb extensions

Non-glare fibreglass screen

Solarban 60

Solarban 60 has the following features:

The glass helps to keep indoors cooler in summer as the total solar energy transmitted through the Solarban 60 is 50% less than that transmitted through the standard clear insulating glass.

By reducing the solar heat transmission, Solarban 60 helps in reducing energy costs.

The Solarban 60 glass helps in transmitting 88% as much desirable visible light as standard clear insulating glass.

The exterior appearance is similar to standard clear insulating glass.

It also offers glare control in bright, sunny climates.

It helps in protecting interior furnishings by reducing fabric-fading ultraviolet energy 72% more effectively than standard clear insulating glass.

It is a high-performance glass as it offers 50% better winter nighttime U-Value than standard clear insulating glass.

Energy-Efficient Windows Can:

Woman relaxing at home and having coffee

Increase Your Comfort

Reduce cold drafts and make the house feel warmer with energy-efficient windows.

Family entering in warm house

Control Condensation

As the interior surfaces of energy-efficient windows stay warmer, they allow you to maintain a higher level of relative humidity in the house without you worrying about condensation.

Save money for home

Help You Save Money

Energy-efficient windows help in reducing air leakage thereby increasing the energy efficiency by approximately 50%  and reducing your energy bills.

Buy Now Pay Later

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