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In-Glass Blinds in Medicine Hat

in-glass blindes

Definitely Exceeded Expectations


“I just wanted to thank you again for these awesome doors the guys installed! It's amazing they were able to make it look like those doors were always there. Definitely exceeded expectations. On behalf of the Friends of Medalta Society, I can't thank you guys enough. This would not have happened without the donation portion. I will personally make sure your South Country Glass is represented on next year’s donation wall. Thank you.”


- Cody W., Medalta in the Historic Clay District

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Glass blinds

Blinds are consistently one of the most widely used window coverings, but they are not without their frustrations. There’s the perennial challenge of dusting, the inevitable damage if you have pets or children, and the safety concerns if those cords are not properly installed.

These fashionable mini-blinds are actually installed between the panes of glass and controlled with an easy-to-operate slide built directly onto the insulated glass.

In-glass Blinds

Venting glass inserts

No More Dusting!

Concealed with no exposed cords

One control system provides raise/lower as well as tilt options in one easy operator design

Blinds between glass require no more dusting

Available in custom sizes and clear or Low-E glass

Available in white

In-Glass blinds

Buy Now Pay Later

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