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Why Is SmartScreen Motorized a Great Choice and Why You Should Install It in Your Home

Smartscreen motorized in a patio leading to a pool.

Sitting on your porch during sunset is a state of bliss. The workday is over, food is cooking in the oven, and all you're responsible for is maintaining your relaxation. At South Country Glass Ltd., we aim to help with that. The wonders of the outdoors can often be impacted by pests, wind, and the threat of sunburn. Maybe even outside factors, such as nosy neighbours, keep you within the walls of your home. What if we told you that SmartScreen Motorized could solve all these problems? This motor screen can fight off the elements to grant you a peaceful time on your front porch or backyard deck. Please keep reading to learn more about our company and services.

What Is SmartScreen Motorized? South Country Glass Ltd. has been in the replacement glass business since 1988. We've done replacement glass for the home, commercial replacement glass, retractable glass, and glass for your car. We've seen many of the amazing inventions that have gained traction in this industry, and SmartScreen Motorized is one of them. This motor screen is not glass, but screens and windows work closely together. They offer the best of both worlds. Clear windows allow you to view the surrounding areas of your home, and screens will enable you to experience the elements of those areas. The delicious smells of spring flowers are welcomed in. The light breeze of a sunny day can brush across your skin. The warmth of the sun can be felt without sitting directly in it. What makes SmartScreen Motorized special is its flexibility. You can automate it with a sun and wind sensor or control it remotely. No need to get up to adjust the settings! These screens can fit openings as big as 30’ wide and 16’ tall. This can provide a variety of outdoor living areas. The professional installation allows for a custom fit for your home. Since these screens are retractable, traditional flat screens' general wear and tear won't be an issue. You can keep them clean, taut, and protected from extreme elements. Benefits of Motor Screens Motorized screens with SmartScreen technology allow you to further enjoy your outdoor living areas. You don't have to worry about the wind disturbing the pages of your book or pesky bugs flying around. Research shows that over 100 species of insects make their way into your home. These changes can be significantly reduced with a good screen. These screens also offer privacy to your outdoor spaces. If your front porch or garage faces the street, you won't have to worry about onlookers or chatty neighbours. Better yet, screened-in porches have an average of 75 percent return on investment—this isn't even accounting for the automized aspect of SmartScreen Motorized. So, if you decide to sell your home, you can be confident that the property value has increased with this addition. Get the Most Out of Your Home Medicine Hat is a beautiful area, and we want to improve your living experience. At South Country Glass Ltd., we believe that experiencing the wondrous elements of the outdoors can be achieved with the addition of SmartScreen Motorized. If you're considering leaping into spring with motor screens, request a free quote from us today.






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