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How Your Front Door Can Enhance Your Home’s Value?

Blue front door with glass panel.

There are various reasons to renovate your home. Perhaps you want to increase your curb appeal. Or maybe you're interested in selling your home; regardless, a bit of remodelling could never hurt. One simple way to revitalize the exterior of your home is to add a new front door. Adding a modern front door can significantly increase your home's value and aesthetic. "But how can a front door add home value?" you might be asking. Below are a few ways investing in a new front door can impact the value of your home. Read on if you're interested to learn more.

Bold Colours Draw the Eye You don't have to go to the trouble of purchasing and adding a new door. A fresh paint job can attract attention just as well. Front door colours can elicit different feelings; for example, black adds an air of sophistication. The colour yellow invokes a feeling of welcome and cheers in visitors. Front door colours are up to the homeowner, but you are sure to pick something that blends with the style of your home. New Doors Benefit Exterior Aesthetics Replacing your old door with a new modern one can inject some much-needed life into your home's exterior. The age and damage of your original door will be apparent as soon as visitors and potential buyers walk near. A modern front door also provides a sense of contemporary style with its clean and streamlined silhouette. Of course, you could always opt for modern double front doors to create a sense of openness and welcome to visitors. Glass front doors or wood front doors with glass are a good choice. Not only does glass allow light to enter the entryway, but glass is non-corrosive and easy to clean - both of which contribute to easy maintenance and longevity. Front Doors Draw in Buyers If your goal is to sell your home, a new front door will help attract potential buyers. The front door is one of the first things people see when looking at a residence. An impressive entryway will make people want to visit. More touring your home means more competition and possible buyers you'll have. It's best to make an excellent first impression so you can get the best price possible for your home. Replacing Your Door May Help Save Energy An improperly closing front door can cost you plenty of money in the long run. If your entry doesn't shut well, you could be wasting energy keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer months. Replacing that poorly closing door can help reduce the amount of power used to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. If you plan to sell your property, you'll also be doing the new owners a favour. In Need of a New Front Door? Adding a new front door to your home can significantly increase its value in many ways. Specific front door colours will make people feel either welcomed or that they're walking into a place of class and sophistication. A new front door will replace your old, worn one and offer other benefits. Glass front doors, for example, allow light to enter your house and are easy to keep clean. If your glass front door needs repair, you can contact South Country Glass. Day or night, we've got your repair or replacement needs covered!






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