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How to Bug-Proof Your Home Deck

Bugs like mosquitoes aren't just nuisances; they also carry dangerous diseases like the West Nile virus. For Canadians, keeping bugs and pests away from their outdoor areas can be a real pain. However, you can take steps to prevent them from ruining your enjoyment of the outdoors. Here are a few bug-proof tips you can use on and around your home deck to make the most of the season.

Use Bug-Resistant Materials Composite decking and pressure-treated wood are bug-resistant materials. Building a deck with these materials makes it harder for pests like termites to nest in the wood. These materials also tend to last longer, unlike cedar and cypress. Of course, this is only an option if you're planning a new deck or rebuilding your current one. Install Screens Around the Deck For an existing home deck, you can install screens around the perimeter. Mesh screening keeps bugs from entering your space, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor area peacefully. Installing screens is a great solution, especially if you plan to entertain on the deck. You can keep the party going all night without worrying about mosquitoes, flies, yellow jackets, etc. Another benefit of mesh screens is that they offer additional privacy, making your outdoor space more inviting and intimate. You can install screens around both areas if you have a patio/deck combo. Consider retractable screens, as they give your home a high-end feel, which can even improve your curb appeal. Use Insect-Repelling Candles and Plants Mosquitoes and other pests dislike certain scents, such as lemongrass or citronella. Other mosquito-repellent scents include lavender, pine, mint, and eucalyptus. Mosquitoes also hate certain plants. You can keep them and other bugs away by planting lavender, mint, rosemary, marigolds, lemongrass, or basil around or even on your deck. You can also keep bugs away and encourage a pest-free home by using yellow-toned lights, as warmer colour temperatures are less likely to attract bugs. Place Under-Deck Screening If possible, consider stapling mesh screening to the underside of your deck. This mesh helps to keep bugs from burrowing into your wood and sneaking in between the cracks of your deck floorboards. Combining this method with the others mentioned is best to create an all-around barrier that deters all types of bugs. Keep the Deck Clean Bugs are attracted to food, which means any forgotten crumbs or sticky soda spills will attract them. That's why it's critical to keep your deck clean. Wipe up after yourself, especially if you eat or drink outside. It is also a good idea to sweep your deck every few days to keep it free of crumbs and other debris. Create a Home Deck You'll Love Use these tips to create a bug-free home deck that you'll love and that you can use all season long. At South Country Glass Ltd., we help residential and commercial clients create one-of-a-kind outdoor areas. To learn more about our retractable screen options and how we can help you make a more enjoyable outdoor space, call us or send us a message.






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