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Finding the Right Windows for Your Home and Climate

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Did you know that heat loss or gain through your windows is responsible for around 30% of residential cooling and heating energy use? To stay comfortable in your home throughout the year, having the right window types is essential to protect your home from the climate. Your home is your shelter, but it can quickly become uncomfortable and costly when temperatures rise or fall if you do not have suitable types of windows. Living in a country with a wide range of climate conditions, such as Canada, means picking the best window types can be tricky. However, we have you covered with this article on how to find the best Canadian windows for your home and the climate.

Glass Window Types Double and triple-pane windows are more energy efficient and can help you save on energy costs. They also insulate your home from noise and come in various styles. You can also check the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and U-value of glass. U-value refers to the window's resistance to heat loss, and SHGC refers to how much heat enters. There are also options for UV film. Types of Frames Various window frames are available, including aluminum, wood, composite, and vinyl. The window frame will also make or break your window choice. Considering the best frame is also important if you want your windows to withstand the climate. The Best Cold Climate Windows There is an average daily temperature of -5.6C in Canada. Many people need Canadian windows that will keep them warm during winter. You want double or triple-paned windows with an energy star rating and tightly sealed. Vinyl frames are great for hot and cold climates without needing much maintenance. Wood will contract and expand if you experience significant differences in temperature throughout the year. A composite frame The Best Warm Climate Windows Wood or vinyl frames can help insulate and keep heat out. You want windows with a low SHGC, with glass that reflects the sun and reduces glare. Double-pane windows with tight seals will also help insulate the home and keep temperatures comfortable. The Best Windows for Rain If you live in a rainy part of Canada, the priority is a tight seal during window installation to prevent moisture from entering your home and damaging your windows. A quality vinyl or composite frame will withstand humidity and rain. The Best Windows for Wind Tempered glass windows will help prevent breakages during high winds. Double or triple-pane windows will help reduce noise pollution. A sturdy vinyl, aluminum, or fibreglass frame is best. Quality Canadian Windows The best windows for your home will depend on where you live and the climate. The good news is that there are many different window types, so you can find Canadian windows that will keep your home comfortable and suit its design. Are you based in Medicine Hat or the surrounding area? South Country Glass is here to help you with your window installation. Contact us today to learn more.  







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