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What Are the Retractable Screen Door Choices for 2022?

Patio door with a retractable screen door.

Do you live in suburbia with views of rolling green lawns and a sparkling pool? Or are you a little further out surrounded by nature? No matter where you are, you’ll benefit from a retractable screen door. Designers and decorators continually espouse the trend of “bringing the outdoors in!” But that simply means a few well-behaved plants and some leafy prints on cushion covers. It shouldn’t include insects, spiders, or any unidentifiable furry thing. Screen doors have always been something of an eyesore and certainly not something to be found in an upmarket neighbourhood! But this has all changed with the advent of smart screen doors. We’re answering some key questions about these clever home solutions.

Why Do You Need a Smart Screen Door? Smart screen doors for your home serve several essential purposes. Not only will they keep the bugs at bay, but they’ll do so while still allowing a free flow of fresh air for you and your family. This means an end to stuffy summer homes or increased power bills from a hardworking air conditioning unit. Additionally, they deliver a measure of defence against wind and rain. (Although you’ll want to explore dedicated storm doors and windows for complete weather protection.) This protective barrier serves to maintain an even temperature in the home and prevents drafts. Yet it will still let in natural light for a brighter room. Some choices offer an added layer of security and privacy, all while protecting your view of the great outdoors. Choosing a Retractable Screen Door You will be thrilled to know that the days of chipped wooden screen doors banging in the wind are over. Consider the features of some of these screen door options available to you while you mull over which will work best in your space. VistaView Home, office, or home office, our VistaView solution with Captured Mesh Technology protects from insects and UV rays. Available in sizes up to 11 feet tall by 28 feet wide, these screens are easy to install, easy to operate, and most importantly, provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors. SmartScreen Motorized The perfect solution for patios and outdoor living spaces, a SmartScreen motorized screen offers both protection and privacy. Choose between an automated screen that responds to wind and rain or a manually operated remote control option. RetractaView™ For a sleek and modern twist on an old favourite, a RetractaView™ screen is a beautifully designed, lightweight retractable screen door. Its design allows for effortless one-handed operation and a custom latch system to hold it in place. Spoiled for Choice Whether you’re battling the bugs, looking for added privacy, or searching for a beautiful and practical weather barrier, a screen door is a solution for you. And you’ll be happy to know that installing screen doors can be a simple DIY task if you have the tools. We’ve highlighted just a few of the retractable screen door choices available from the team at South Country Glass. Our quality products also include security screens, awnings, and a host of other stunning and functional offerings designed to make your space perfectly comfortable. Please feel free to contact South Country Glass for a quote, and we’ll be happy to walk you through your options to find the best fit for you.






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