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What Are Retractable Screens and Why Are They So Great?

Cottage Front with retractable screens on the porch.

Are you struggling to find the perfect screens for your unusual or large doors? Are you tired of your patio space or deck only being useable when it's warm out? It might be time to consider retractable screens. Most homeowners have never heard of retractable screens. This means that they don't know all of the benefits that can come from this simple home upgrade, and they're missing out! Not sure if you're ready to buy retractable screens? Let's talk about it! Keep reading to learn all about retractable screens.

First, What Are Retractable Screens? To keep it simple, retractable screens are what they sound like: they're screens that retract. When the screen isn't in use, it rolls up into a safe area up above. When you need it again, you simply pull down the screen. You can pull retractable screens down to the floor or keep them down partway, making them flexible. They come in a wide variety of styles that keeps the screens useful regardless of the living space that you're adding them to. What Are the Benefits of Retractable Screens? So why bother getting retractable screens? What makes them so great? Depending on where you're using the screens, they come with many benefits. First, these screens can save you money on your electricity bills. If your windows or patio are letting in too much light during a hot day, you have the option to pull down the screens so you can keep your home cool. This allows you to stop running your air conditioner and save a bit of money. Retractable screens may increase the value of your home if you choose to move in the future. People love the idea of a versatile home, and they're willing to pay for that luxury. By using retractable screens, you're giving yourself flexibility. You don't have to commit to a fully screened-in window or patio. You can use the screens when you need them and hide them when you don't. Where Can Retractable Screens Go? Again, retractable screens are flexible. You can use them in several different locations, depending on your needs. Some people love using retractable screens in front of large windows. They want to keep bugs out when the windows are open, but they want to be able to see outside without a screen in the way when the windows are closed. A retractable screen is perfect for this. This is also great for patio or deck doors. During a party, you may want to keep your doors wide open without a screen covering them. You don't want that on an average day when you're letting air in, you'll get bugs. If you have a porch or patio, retractable screens are perfect. You can keep the screens hidden when it's warm and sunny and bring them down when bugs start getting in the way of your fun. Bring them down during the cooler months so you can enjoy your patio year-round or when it's raining. Talk to a retractable screen company about your options. Are Retractable Screens Right for You? Retractable screens are a perfect solution for plenty of homeowners who want to make an effective change to their homes. You can use them everywhere. They'll save you money, make your patios, doors, and windows more useful, and make a great addition to your home overall. If you're interested in a new retractable screen for your home, we want to talk to you! At South Country Glass, our experienced professionals can help you figure out the perfect solution for your home. Get in touch with us by using our contact form or sending an email so we can start working together today.







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