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How to Clean and Maintain Your Retractable Screen Doors

Owning a retractable screen door boosts your home's look and overall value, but cleaning and maintaining them can seem tricky. While they boost your home's look, few people know how to clean screen doors. So how do you clean and maintain retractable screen doors? What are some maintenance tips to know before taking this on? That's what we're here to look at today. Read on to find out more about screen door maintenance and how you can effectively clean your home screen doors.

Always Watch Out for Signs The first step to properly maintaining your screen doors is checking whether it needs to be serviced. Take some time to ensure your screen doors are moving and functioning properly. Ensure the mesh isn't moving outside of its track so you can prevent ripping or bending. If the physical door that the retractable screen door is attached to is closed, ensure the screen door is closed. Cleaning Screen Doors: Track Cleaning Dirt and debris are the number 1 culprits when it comes to screen door breakdowns. Dirt often clogs the spring mechanism and hampers the screen from retracting back to its original position. Clean the top and bottom racks often to prevent this, maybe once every month. Using compressed air cans or vacuums is effective when removing any loose dirt. You can also wipe down the tracks and ensure the retractable doors are well-lubricated. Don't scrub the tracks, and avoid using any oil when doing this. Cleaning Screen Doors: Mesh Cleaning Clean the screen door mesh with a vacuum, preferably with a soft brush attachment, to avoid any tears. After vacuuming, use a wet wipe to remove any dust still sticking to the screen. After using the wipes, let the screen dry. Doing this on a sunny day would be best. Scheduling Maintenance Services Of course, there's only so much you can do to keep your retractable screen doors cleaned and well-maintained at all times. If you see persistent issues with your doors, you should call a professional to get your doors looked at. A maintenance service ensures that your retractable screen doors are in good shape. They're big investments, so you only want the best professionals to care for your screen doors. Sometimes your screen doors need more than just a tune-up. These professionals also have all the necessary tools, meaning you won't have to spend any money purchasing expensive equipment. Consider calling screen door professionals for an annual check-up. It never hurts to get a professional opinion on your retractable screen doors every once in a while. Maintaining the Best Retractable Screen Doors Retractable screen doors are excellent investments for your home, so giving them the utmost care is vital. Use this guide to help you understand how you can clean and maintain your doors to keep them in tip-top shape! Are you looking for a reliable contractor to boost your home value with screen doors? Contact us today, and we'll set you up with a solution right away!






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