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Fibreglass vs Steel Entry Door: Which One to Choose?

Every 90 seconds, thieves victimize Canadian citizens. That's how many residential break-ins occur here in Canada. The right entry door can help deter intruders. When you shop for a new front door, there are three things to consider: durability, curb appeal, and security. Should you buy a fibreglass or steel entry door? They're both common door materials. It can be hard to choose unless you understand the differences. This article takes a quick look at the features and benefits of each to help you select the right door for your home.

How to Choose a Front Door When is a door more than just a door? That's an easy question to answer! Your front door plays multiple roles. It welcomes you and your family home each day. It allows outsiders to catch a glimpse of your personality and style. Your front door also provides security. When you select your new entry door, you'll start by choosing the style. Enhance curb appeal by selecting a door that complements your home's architectural design. Colour matters too, and you'll want to think about what colour pairs well with the exterior elements of your home. Your front door bears the brunt of the weather. Here in Medicine Hat, winters are cold and snowy, but we also have a long rainy season. Choosing a door based on durability ensures you'll enjoy many years of service. Not only will your door withstand the normal wear and tear, but it will also protect your home from the elements and intruders. Features and Benefits of Fibreglass Doors A well-designed fibreglass door can withstand all the quirks of our Canadian climate. Fibreglass doesn't crack, and it doesn't rot or rust over time. Between the outer layers, fibreglass doors have a layer of insulation. The insulation contributes to durability, but it also helps with energy efficiency. You can buy a fibreglass door in a wide range of styles, including woodgrain finishes that rival natural wood doors, without the cost and maintenance. Regarding security, fibreglass doors aren't easy to breach. If an intruder attempts to kick the door in, they will not likely succeed. Advantages of a Steel Entry Door You'd have a winner if you only evaluated steel entry doors based on durability. Steel doors won't bow or crack. They stand up well to the brisk Canadian weather, meaning your door will last for many years. A steel door is a secure door. Thieves look for quick and easy entry—they won't have an easy time gaining access to your home through a steel entry door. Install a steel door and show off your style! These smooth finished doors look attractive painted in a nearly endless variety of colours. You can even have them coated in a wood grain-look vinyl. A steel door (or any new door) isn't only aesthetically pleasing, but installing one may also add value to your home. Steel front doors are relatively low maintenance. You'll want to inspect it at least once a year and watch out for minor dents and scratches. A scratch, if ignored, can lead to rusting. It's not difficult to prevent steel doors from developing rust. First, clean them regularly. Second, consider applying a layer of wax. Choose Your New Front Door Today Selecting the best front door material isn't a project you should do alone. Regarding durability, security, and curb appeal, your front door is under a lot of pressure. Don't let that intimidate you. South Country Glass Ltd. can help you choose the fibreglass or steel entry door that best serves your needs. Contact our team today and request a quote.






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