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A Quick Guide to Window Placement For Your New Home

White window with a white tea pot on the middle and 2 white flower pots on each side of the window

Are you looking for the best-looking windows that will last for decades? Need planning advice on proper window placement for your new home? Proper window placement can mean energy cost savings for you and your family. It is crucial to be aware of the window options available to you. We are going to take you through our full window placement guide and show how South Country Glass can take care of all facets of your window installation needs.

Choosing Your Windows Home windows can protect you from all-weather elements, the natural entrance of light, and proper ventilation throughout your home. Picture windows, slider windows, casement, and awning windows all provide weather-related protection, such as reduced heat loss and an excellent seal against drafts or moisture. Not only are these windows pleasing to the eye, but they offer a chance to reduce overall energy costs. The best windows should add all-around protection and beauty to your home. Window Placement Matters A crucial factor to consider when choosing new windows is the exact location of the windows throughout your home. Natural light not only balances energy efficiency throughout the seasons but can also have an effect on well-being. The south-facing side of a home is a great place to have windows for bright light throughout the day. Keeping specific areas well-lit can have a profound effect on mood and mental well-being. With additional sunlight, specific spots in your home will be warmed naturally. More sunlight also means less reliance on lighting fixtures, reducing electricity costs. Awning windows will lessen the amount of heat from the sun during hot summer months. The north side of a home is usually the area that gets hit with the most precipitation and wind throughout the seasons, causing eventual wear and tear. Drafty areas on cold nights will never be a problem with the right window choice. Proper ventilation is also a huge consideration, as fresh air moving throughout your home can prevent mould and mildew issues down the road. Replacing Old Windows Over time, windows succumb to the harsh elements of nature and can give your home an old, worn appearance. This often happens with older windows. Broken down window seals will alter the temperature in your home, raising heating and cooling costs. Faulty window sealing can also lead to leaks that cause mould and mildew growth. Choosing custom windows that offer weather protection against the harsh elements of winter can prevent future corrosion and damage. Window replacement requires time and specialized attention. We are here to make it easy for you. South Country Glass Takes Care of You South Country Glass will assess your home and guide you through all window placement essentials. We will help you make the right choices based on the layout of your home and your specific needs. Our window options will add charm and make you the best energy-efficient house in the neighbourhood! South Country Glass has the best windows on the market for your home! We provide full installations and repairs, including 24/7 emergency services.







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