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How to Choose Energy-Efficient Windows for Your Home

Contractor installing an energy efficient window

Lack of energy-efficient windows in your home will subject you to extreme monthly utility bills. Choosing insulated windows, energy star windows, and other energy-saving options will save you from this problem. The heat gain and loss through residential windows cause 25 percent of the home’s energy used in cooling and heating. You will end up spending more in regulating indoor temperatures if you fail to install energy-saving windows. There are several benefits to installing new windows that are energy efficient. You will save much on electric bills since your air conditioner will not overwork when cooling/heating your home. You will also enjoy a more comfortable home with well-regulated indoor temperatures. Do you know how you can find the best windows for your home’s energy efficiency? Here is a simple guide for you.

Consider Window Types How does the window you choose for your home affect your indoor temperatures? Choosing an energy-efficient window is quite different from choosing a window to add style to your home. Some windows like single-hung and double-hung windows have attractive designs but are less energy efficient. Their designs allow more air to leak into the house affecting the indoor air temperatures. Some of the best residential windows that can make your home more energy efficient are picture and fixed windows, casement windows, and awning windows. Check the Frames You should not ignore the materials used to make the window frames. The materials should not be good conductors of heat. Windows whose frames are made from materials that resist heat are the best options since they minimize the amount of hot air leaking into the room. Some of the best materials to pay attention to are wood, vinyl, and fibreglass when checking the window frames. Apart from giving you a more energy-efficient home, windows whose frames are made from these materials will serve you longer. Consider Insulated Windows How many layers of glass does the window you intend to install in your home have? Many modern windows have at least two glass panes to prevent heat from leaking into the room. Installation of insulated windows can save at least CAD$12 billion in energy expenses. Many single-hung and double-hung windows in today’s window market have one layer of a glass pane. Avoid such windows for long-term energy savings. Consider Low-E Coatings Before choosing your home windows, check their exterior for these coatings. Low-e coatings boost the ability of windows to resist heat from leaking into the room. Windows with Low-E coatings will help you save energy and also protect you from UV rays. You will not have to worry about the risks of skin problems or discolouration of your home’s furnishings. Choose Energy Efficient Windows Today Choosing the best energy-efficient windows for your home will save you from high energy expenses and enhance your home’s comfort. The above guide will help you quickly choose the best windows for your home’s energy efficiency. Are you looking for energy-efficient residential windows in Medicine Hat and surrounding areas? At South Country Glass Ltd, we provide quality glass replacement, repair and installation services, and the best lineup for home windows. Contact us today for more information.







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